Rabbit Haemorrhagic Disease VHD/RCD (pge3/3)

The Australian authorities have allowed the legalisation of deadly rabbit haemorrhagic disease as a biological control agent of European rabbits in Australia.

Will RHD/RCD infect non-target species of animals or humans? International calicivirus experts,virologists and scientists have voiced their concerns that RCD/RHD may infect humans or other animals yet Australian authorities still spread the deadly disease.

Minister John Anderson approved a disease

that kills like this

Viral Hemorrhagic Disease of Rabbits (RHDV)

Renamed rabbit calicivirus disease by Australian authorities to be less emotive (refer 1994 BRS report Rabbit Haemorrhagic Disease:Issues in Assessment for Biological Control.[pge 110])

Has your rabbit suffered a reaction to RHD vaccination like this?

Click here to read of RHD vaccine reactions in Australian pet bunnies

Has your pet rabbit suffered from "wasting syndrome" and died after RHD vaccination?

Pet hit by vaccine side-effects.

    A quote from Dante's Inferno dedicated to the Australian and New Zealand RCD Program

      "Woe to you, corrupted souls!
      Forget your hope of ever seeing Heaven:
      I come to lead you to the other shore,
      to the eternal dark, to fire and frost.
      And you approaching there, you living soul,
      keep well away from these-they are the dead."

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