Myxomatosis, Easter and Fleas

The Easter Bunny is part of a global tradition of Easter. The spin-doctors who are trying to change this tradition of the Easter Bunny should be ashamed of themselves. Next someone will try and alter Santa Claus for one reason or another. If you love rabbits, buy chocolate Easter Bunnies at Easter not Chocolate Bilbies (the Chocolate Easter Bunnies are much better looking than Chocolate Bilbies). Also, consider that any money you spend on chocolate bilbies may indirectly cause the death of your own pet rabbit since the money may be used to find new strains of deadly Myxomatosis to kill rabbits. Myxomatosis readily transmits via mosquitos to pet rabbits (we have no Myxomatosis vaccines available here and Myxomatosis is nearly always a painful and deadly killer of rabbits).

The Anti Rabbit Research Foundation is a body dedicated to the destruction of rabbits in Australia. The type of research undertaken by the ARRF to find new pathogens to kill rabbits will probably involve testing such pathogens on pet rabbits trapped in laboratories. (This is normal scientific protocol). Most diseases that kill rabbits (such as the pet rabbits trapped in laboratories) promise the pet rabbits a cruel and painful death. Among the ARRF's research is the identification of new strains of Myxomatosis, a cruel and horrific death for all rabbits. There is no vaccine available in Australia to protect pet rabbits against death from Myxomatosis.

The Australian Newspaper (11/4/98) reported in "Natives take bunny out of Easter" by Diana Thorpe "The sales of Haigh's and Melba's Easter Bilby (which last year won the right to be the only bilbies called Easter Bilby), raise enough money for the Anti-Rabbit Research Foundation to support up to four conservation projects each year and as their name (ARRF) implies, these projects may involve the deaths of thousands of rabbits."

Other diseases that the ARRF may find or develop to kill rabbits may be similar to Myxomatosis with regards to the level of pain and cruelty inflicted on both wild and pet rabbits. The original rabbits used in cruel and painful RCD research by the RCD program were cross breed rabbits (lop cross-breeds) bred in Western Australia. These highly intelligent and loving animals have been routinely delivered into the hands of researchers from the RCD program to be deliberately and painfully killed in attempts to find new ways to kill bunnies. This cruel and abhorrent funded research is a blight on the humanity of all Australians. The Adelaide Zoo has been listed as accepting donations to the ARRF trust fund. Does the Adelaide zoo support cruelty to animals (in this case rabbits)? Perhaps patrons should ask this question of the Adelaide Zoo.

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Above: A rabbit infected by Myxomatosis.

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    Fax the Adelaide Zoo and ask them why they are acting as agents for those who would spread new deadlier strains of Myxomatosis in Australia when no vaccine is available to save our pet bunnies!

    Fax the The Chief Executive Officer,
    Adelaide Zoological Gardens
    Frome Road
    South Australia 5000
    Fax (08) 8239.0637
    Mention that the new Rabbit Control Handbook available at states that "ARRFA The Anti-Rabbit Research Foundation of Australia is a voluntary organisation and depends on sponsorship and donations. Donations are tax-deductible, and can be sent to: Anti-Rabbit Research Foundation Trust, Adelaide Zoological Gardens, Frome Rd, Adelaide SA 5000"

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  • Two appropriate poems for disease spreaders:(1)For Whom the Bell Tolls and (2)The Flea

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