Protecting yourself against stalkers

According to Dr Katherine Ramsland's article there are some measures you should take if a stalker comes into your life.
Dr Ramsland says in Self Protection
"If a stalker comes into your life, there are certain safety precautions to take:

1. Do not personally respond to the stalker's attention, not even to tell him (or her) to get lost. (People erroneously believe that a rational conversation will dissuade such people.)
2. Beef up your home security and in the event of a threatening letter or call, alert your local police so they have it on record. (The local police will often give a free home security consultation.)
3. Remove landscaping behind which someone can hide or keep surveillance.
4. Keep detailed documentation of all actual contacts.
5. If others witnessed an encounter, talk to them about testifying in court.
6. Learn self-protection techniques, such as pepper sprays and self-defense skills.
7. Keep a cell phone and an emergency number with you, and tell family and friends about any threat.
8. Keep a pen and paper in your car to write down license numbers of cars following you.
9. Alternate your routes.
10.Research the legal remedies available in your state.
11.If letters or calls persist, have an attorney send a registered cease-and-desist letter.
12.Keep travel plans to a trusted few.
13.In the event of actual trespass, get a restraining order.
14.Inform security staff where you work about the problem.
15.If you know what the stalker drives, give the description to friends and family.
16.Keep a camera handy for photographic documentation.
17.If you can afford it, install a surveillance camera.
18.Install activity lights around your house that light up at night when someone walks close.
19.Don't accept unexpected packages
20.Identify people before opening a door.
21.Seek therapy if you experience the symptoms of extreme anxiety.
22.Avoid blaming yourself for the situation.
23.Refrain from retaliation or counter-threats; the stalker is seeking {any} form of contact.
24.Be sure that someone knows where you are going and when you are coming home.
25.Try to go places with a friend or associate, especially health clubs and parking lots.
26.Don't let the stalker rule your life.
27.Prepare a safety kit with overnight items in the event you feel you need to leave your home and go to a hotel.
28.Use caller ID and possibly get a second line with an unlisted number; then use the line on which he calls to record his harassment without him realizing that you're not using that phone.
29.If it works for you, get a dog with a protective temperament.
30.(USA ONLY ALLOWS OWNERSHIP OF GUNS FREELY) If you don't want to or know how to use a gun, assess your living space for possible defensive weapons and have them ready.
31.Locate support groups, threat management groups, or hotlines that can offer specific strategies.
32.Use a gender-neutral and non-provocative email address.
33.Don't give out your Internet password and change it regularly.
34.Use a chat network where harassment is not permitted.
35.For Internet chats, use a different screen name than your email address.
36.Don't give a lot of personal details to strangers.
37.Be aware that stalkers can employ others to get information about you.

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