Lack of police support/court support for the victims

In many instances of stalking, if there is lack of evidence, the whole argument to convict a stalker becomes "he says/she says" and the police are unable to act. Most often, the stalker who is already acting illegaly will lie to the police and the courts, denying the offence. This leaves the victims of stalking unprotected and left to their own devices.

Stalkers will often lie in court as well, even under oath as will many criminals.

Stalkers can also make up multiple excuses for their bad behaviour and sometimes their excuses will seem plausible to authorities. People engaging in stalking are often no less intelligent than other people including victims but they have chosen to act in a malicious and illegal manner often displaying "evil intent".

The police and court system seem unable to provide ways of proving stalking such as surveillance cameras. One victim was told the police were unable to provide a 24 hour guard outside the victims place of residence. Another police employee mentioned some criminals who were know to the police but were walking free because the police have no evidence to convict them (the perpetrators are clever at hiding their tracks and deny being involved in crime).

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