Disappearing Completely

Disappearing/relocating because of stalking

Chapter 13 of Michelle Pathe's book "Surviving Stalking" is titled "Should I just disappear?"

"Chapter 13 (Should I just disappear?) says

There are substantial costs in relocating and establishing a new identity, and in the vast majority of cases it is unecessary. Moving away disrupts work, schooling and social ties. It is both emotionally and financially draining, especially if you have already invested in additional home security measures. Worst of all, your sacrifice may be in vain if the stalker persues you to your next address, some stalkers proving more than equal to this challenge."

"If you are seriously contemplating such action, first talk with your therapist, the police or your victims of crime support agency.Ask them what else could be done to avoid such drastic measures and for a realistic appraisal of your stalker's likelihood of tracking you down at your next address. Importantly, ask what measures need to be taken if you do move in order to minimise the likelihood of being found."

"Stalking that arises between neighbours, when it is solely confined to that neighbourhood, is usually resolved by the victims relocation. However, stalkers who are determined to maintain a relationship, particularly intimacy seekers and the rejected, have considerably more invested in their victims and will seldom give them up so easily. If fears for your safety dictate that relocation is the last available option you must ensure that you leave as few clues as possible to your new address."

In this Chapter of her book, Michell Pathe suggests having an unlisted number and screening where your name and address appear on public documents.

She says "In summary, moving away from your home, your family, work, school and social network is a major undertaking and one which you do not want to face more than once. Screen your paper trail of documents, anticipate and plug the leaks and be ever alert to additional weak spots. For further helpful advice in this area, refer to Schaum and Parish (1995) and Snow (1998) in the reading guide".

*Schaum, M and Parrish, K. (1995) "Stalked:Breaking the silence on the crime of stalking in America. New York. Pocket Books. (This is a comprehensive guide for stalking victims, containing case studies, interviews with stalking victims, advocates, psychologists, and legal and security experts. It features a range of practical strategies for victims, not all of which have applicability outside North America.)"...From the reading list of "Surviving Stalking" by Michelle Pathe.

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