Where can stalking victims find help

If you are a victim of stalking you need to educate yourself about how to cope with the situation.

If you are in fear of your life, the first thing to do is to let the police know what is happening and ask for advice. You may want to contact the police domestic violence unit for help. If your stalker has threatened you, the police need to know and you need to make sure that this is noted in the "Counter book" kept at the police station nearest where you live.

Another important thing to do is to concentrate on your own safety. Keep a diary with a brief note of each incident and write down the names of any witnesses to each event.

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Network with close friends/relatives and workmates and let them help you in any way they can

Read Michelle Pathe's book "Surviving Stalking". You may obtain a copy from your library if you can't afford to buy it. See Read a review of "Surviving stalking"

Join an anti-stalking support group but be careful what personal information you divulge. You may find being able to discuss what's happened will make you feel better and you may find more ideas about what to do. Try The Network for surviving stalking in the UK.

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