American Policy on Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease

Here is a quote directly taken from an email received from the USDA 15th September 1997

"VHD is classified as foreign to the US. The USDA has taken the stance that if the disease is discovered in the US that an eradication program would be initiated at that time. Therefore, administration of a vaccine would be contraindicated. Since no VHD vaccine is licensed for use in the US and no company would realize any profit from pursuit of such a product there is no change anticipated in policy from the USDA."


VHD (Viral Hemorrhagic Disease) is otherwise often termed RHD, Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease although RHD may also infect the European Brown Hare according to accredited scientific reports.

The above mentioned USDA quote means if RHD breaks out in the USA, no vaccine will be allowed (Australia, NZ and the UK all allow the vaccine) and all suspect rabbits will be killed. Could this be your pet rabbit who faces death from the USDA? US rabbit owners would be wise in demanding the registration of the RHD vaccine NOW. RHD has broken out in Cuba recently (next door to the USA) and with the Sydney 2000 Olympics ahead, the US could have outbreaks of RHD occurring anywhere resulting from being transported back by visitors to the Olympic Games in Sydney.(RHD can live on clothing for over 100 days). Your rabbits are totally unprotected and you have NO VACCINES.

*currently legally RHD is being deliberately legally spread in Australia as a biological control of wild European rabbits
*currently Australian Authorities are testing "live" RHD coated baits
*currently RHD is being irresponsibly spread by NZ farmers (who admit mixing up dead RHD rabbits and water in their kitchen blenders!!!)
*RHD will live on clothing for over 100 days (watch out visitors from USA to Australia and NZ, the disease could travel on your clothing to the USA)

Current Vaccine not humanely manufactured

If American rabbit owners decide to lobby the USDA for a safe vaccine for their pet rabbits, please remember that the one we are allowed in Australia is made from rabbits deliberately infected with RHD and euthanased for their livers in Spain (because apparently RHD could not be grown outside the rabbit in the laboratory).

According to Australian authorities, it is possible to make a vaccine without causing rabbit deaths in vaccine manufacture. The problem is, no-one has developed one yet. Starting a campaign for a "HUMANELY" manufactured vaccine by USA animal activists could stop many thousands of rabbits dying in Spain to make the RHD vaccine to save pet rabbits.


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