Vegetarian & Animal Rights related Children's Literature






Suggested books that contain Veg or AR themes/subject matter:

Babe  (the heartwarming story of a pig who wants to be a sheepherder)

Charlotte's Web  (another story about a pig living on a farm and his animal friends including a spider named Charlotte)

Through the Looking Glass (Alice's ethical dilemma in the Walrus and the Carpenter scene)

Fowl Play, Desdemona  (Desdemona's friend, Sherman, is intent upon saving the turkeys at Thanksgiving)

Standing Up to Mr. O   (Maggie's ethical problems in biology class lead to her choosing vegetarianism)

The Chimpanzee Kid   (Harold is intent on saving all animals, but has not made the veggie connection)

Much Ado About Aldo, a book with a sensitive young male protagonist.

The Night Before Thanksgiving  (A bus full of kids on a field trip to a turkey farm "rescue" the turkeys and have them to dinner rather than for dinner)

Babar The Elephant  (Babar's mother is killed by a hunter in "The Story Of Babar")

Mrs Frisby and the Rats of Nimh (deals with the issue of animal testing)

The Animal Rights Controversy   (an excellent nonfiction book on animal rights for young people that tries to sort out the many tangled issues and perspectives).

Fantastic Mr Fox  (an excellent story by Roald Dahl. A fox must fight to save his family when they are threatened by three farmers).

The Magic Finger  (another great story by Roald Dahl. A little girl uses her special magic powers to try to stop her next door neighbours from hunting animals).

Victor the Vegetarian   (A story about a young boy who decides to become vegetarian after he overhears his father talking about killing the lambs on their farm).


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