Postcards from Highway One...

The genesis of this site was my work. From 2001, it took me all over Western Australia: To a lot of places Id never seen and to Postcards from Highway One.

I wanted family and friends back home to share in my experiences, so I began filling their inboxes with images and tales from the far flung corners of the state. It helped that I had a lot of time on my hands in hotel rooms most nights. This web portal was born when it became clear that overflowing inboxes were driving away the very friends I was sharing my travels with.

Highway One was the thread that tied all these places together. Aussies, like the highway, have an affinity with the coast. Although the outback is the stuff of legend, over eighty percent of us live within an hour of the ocean.

I spent a lot of time on the National Highway, traversing regional Western Australia, as you may see in these pages. More recently, and as the phase of my career that took me north came to a close, my focus has broadened to encompass major events and preoccupations in my life, and to serve as a window upon my interstate and overseas holidays. Ive always loved to travel, so I guess this has become a very public trip diary. In 2008, I went beyond these shores with Anthony to explore the UK and Europe, an adventure that's broadened our horizons in so many ways.

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