10 October 2002

Today's postcard from Highway One comes to you from the North West Coastal Highway, near Exmouth. It is brought to you by the letters K, P, M & C and the number four!

Having driven some 650 kilometres today, from Karratha to Exmouth with a stop at Pannawonica along the way, I had oodles of time to ponder the Highway. This took me back to a heated discussion Ant and I had a couple of Saturdays ago about Highway 1 and where it actually goes. It occurred to me that I'm seeing a lot of bits of it lately, and that you might like to see them too.

Here's an image for you: Stupid git in a hire car negotiating a non-existent roundabout! Same stupid git as overtook you ten kilometres back! Just cast me as the stupid git, and by way of explanation I was circling the intersection to get the best angle to snap a pic of the Highway 1 sign!

In case you were worried about my lack of respect for our roads, there wasn't a car in sight when I initially went round the twist! And if no-one had witnessed my non-existent roundabout antics, was I, in fact, being a stupid git... you know, like the song says, "If a tree falls in the forest, does anybody hear?"

Enough navel contemplation! 166km later, I arrived, not at the Exmouth Campus of the Central West College of TAFE, but at Exmouth's answer to that blue house in Scarborough. You know, the one that everyone loved to hate, and yet suddenly when it was to be demolished, a flood of protectors emerged from the woodwork. It's truly a sight to behold.

After collecting the appropriate keys to get me into the campus, I found that my hotel is actually located on the Harold E Holt Naval Facility. Kewl, huh... How to join the navy without the basic training. I've also attached some pics of the communications towers at the facility - these things are huge - the one in the vertical pic would be about four metres across. There's also a shot of it from the lighthouse at Vlaming Head.

And finally, I'll finish today's postcard with some video from WA's most north westerly point (I think), North West Cape.

Cheers, Rob


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