5 March 2003

Well people, it's on again... my audit roadshow! Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures for you just yet, but I'm sure you'll have a very clear picture of SOMETHING in your head by the time you've read this.

I left Perth for Geraldton around seven yesterday morning, heading north along the Mitchell Freeway and Wanneroo Road.

Several pockets of GSM coverage en route allowed me to keep in touch with the outside world, although perhaps incommunicado would have been preferable!

A voicemail message from my limestone retaining wall contractor came through via a tower at Cooljarloo (don't ask me where that is, I still can't find it on the map!). After many phone calls (when in range) the problem was sorted, thanks to Gareth, and all was well with the world.

Connecting near Lancelin with the mind numbingly boring Brand Highway (Highway 1), I headed westwards once again at the first opportunity, catching glimpses of glistening water from Indian Ocean Drive which I joined at Jurien.

Driving through the footprint of the Jurien tower, I left a voicemail on my Dad's phone to give me a call, which he finally did a couple of hours later near Geraldton's southern limits.

Chatting away, I headed in the general direction of the villa I had booked, but given that driving, looking for an address and focussing on a conversation are not particularly compatible, I pulled over about a block away from the College until I rang off.

Finishing the call, I phoned 'Ocean West' villas asking for their exact location. They started to ask where I was and if I was anywhere near 'the big roundabout', which anyone who's ever been to Geraldton would recognise. I quickly explained that I had a map in front of me, so if they could give me a street name, I'd be fine.

The reply sent me into fits of laughter, alternating with feelings of incredible stupidity.

Over my left shoulder, a VERY BIG RED SIGN proclaimed my arrival at Ocean West Villas. I had been parked on the verge in their front yard chatting on the phone for the last five minutes!

More soon, a very sheepish, Rob.

I obviously lied about not having pictures - the attached is sent for purely illustrative purposes!


© Rob Morgan 2003