8 March 2003

Well people, after a 4 1/2 hr drive through Friday afternoon, I got home by about 7:30pm and shortly thereafter raced off to the airport to collect my Dad.

You see, he was supposed to message me when they left the house in Palmyra, but, as can be expected from my Dad, he messaged me as they were arriving at the airport!

The plan was that they would check in early, then call over and see my newly completed retaining walls. Jo (dad's partner) hadn't seen my place at all.

We arrived back from the airport, I gave them something to drink and we started on the house 'tour',

It was at this point that it became obvious something was awry. In the 15-20 minutes I was away, someone had entered the house through the bathroom window I'd opened to try to get some breeze through (house had been locked up for a week, remember), disturbed the toilet bowl, left sandy footprints on the doona cover, left their lunchbox??? (an open icecream container & glad wrap) and drink bottle on the doona cover and rifled through the drawers in the tallboy.

Nothing apparently stolen, I wasn't too concerned so it was at Dad's insistence that after I dropped them back at the airport, I phoned and reported the illegal entry about 11:10pm. Two police officers arrived shortly after midnight and inspected the scene, and sent a forensic guy over this morning who successfully lifted a print from the icecream container.

Shortly after he left, I noticed the frayed cable under the desk in the family room when trying to find my overdue phone bill. A frayed cable had to come from somewhere, and indeed that somewhere turned out to be the PC it had been connected to. Oh, well... it was my PC, but work's monitor.

I wonder how small an item has ever been reported as stolen to the office, complete with police report number?

"Ummm, hello? I have to report that the plug from the video cable of the monitor that I have on loan from the Department has been stolen, but I have the police report number!!!"

Seems that since it was screwed into the PC, they wrenched it out rather than unscrewing.

To sum up, I'll leave you with this dreamed up conversation between my intruder and a third person, recounting his adventures at 139 Guildford Road:

"Yah... this stoopid guy goes out and leaves the bathroom window wide open..."
"Yah... it was like soooo easy to get in... yah..."
"Yah.... and it was like soooo easy to go flying across the room when the toilet bowl toppled under me as I stepped on the rim... yah...."
"Yah.... and I saw all these DVD's and a coupla telly's and a dvd player that I coulda got, which woulda been worth at least, awww, I dunno, lots...."
"But... instead... I got this computer thingo... It looks like so new... see how it's all curvy and modern looking... must be worth a packet, yah?"

Little does our friend know that despite its modern appearance (looks newer than some current PC's) it's an eight year old Pentium 60, probably worth $50-$100!!!


© Rob Morgan 2003