10 March 2003

Hi all!

I finally managed to drag myself out of bed just after six this morning, showered quickly and threw everything into the car.

In light of my last postcard, I was doubly careful about ensuring everything was locked up. After a final check, I was on the road by 6:40 after calling in at the petrol station to clear the windscreen of the interesting effects of Saturday afternoon's thunderstorm when combined with my current dustbowl of a yard.

It's amazing how quickly the drive north has become routine. No more deviations to catch ocean glimpses for this bunny! This morning it was the businesslike though boring Brand Highway for me. This shorter route had me in Geraldton in a little over four hours.

After checking into the villa, it was upon unloading that it became apparent that in my frenzied morning departure, I hadn't thrown quite everything into the car after all.

Now on occasion, you might forget something fairly minor, which may be reasonably annoying while you're away from home... perhaps an extra pair of shoes, the camera, or CD's for the drive?

Last week, I'd forgotten the CD I got for Christmas specifically with these drives in mind: "Billy Connolly's World Tour of Australia". But this week, Billy was with me from Guilderton to Geraldton, as he toured from Harbour Bridge to Darwin, stopping off at Rockingham on the way.

No, this week's omission was something much more basic. In fact, probably the most basic item to take when going away. Picture, if you will, my bedroom... looking in an easterly direction, you have a view through the bathroom door to the toilet still lying on its side.

If you were to take a peek to the west however, under the window you'd spy my backpack, right where I finished packing it last night! I think you'll agree, that's a fairly major omission!

Maybe next week I'll get it right!

Cya... Rob.

In light of the changes at work and Friday's news that I'm currently marked down as Asset Officer under the new Department structure, I've slightly modified the report of the stolen plug from postcard #11:
"Good Afternoon, Assets, How can I help me?"
"Um, Hi... How am I going? Look, I need to let myself know that the plug was stolen from my PC the other night, but I have the Police report number!"
"Oh, thank me so much for letting me know."
"No problem, I hope I have a good day"
"Me too!"


© Rob Morgan 2003