24 March 2003


I called your 'helpline' this afternoon for an appointment at your Geraldton Branch, to discuss my housing loan in light of my upcoming property settlement.

After five to ten minutes on the phone (I couldn't remember my branch contact from last week), Kelly transferred me to Lending to finalise the appointment.

Annoyed is far too lighthearted a description of my feelings at your phone systems cheerful regurgitation: "Due to congestion, your call cannot be processed at this time... please call again later!"

At this point, my call was disconnected.

It's one thing to sit in a queue, then sit on hold while your query is investigated if you know you'll ultimately be attended to. But to endure all this and then be disconnected? Aaaarrrrrgggghhhh!!!!

I'm staying in a hotel at the moment paying over a dollar for every outgoing call, so quite apart from the waste of my time; it's an expensive exercise to continually call you back, especially when I have no guarantee of a continuous connection.

Please call my mobile to finalise my appointment, and rest assured that I don't have the same facilities as BankWest. Unlike the bank, I don't have a dump button.... a call to me usually gets a real person straight away who'll see the call through to the bitter end!

Although, after today, I'm considering upgrading my technology so that when I'm in a really bad mood, or when caller ID identifies someone I REALLY DON'T want to talk to, I'll hit the dump button: "I'm sorry, due to congestion, your call can't be processed at this time... please call again later!"


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