Postcard from Highway One
#19a: Bigger Things

6 April 2003

Big Brother is watching me! The thought police are coming to take me away!

It seems my Big Things postcard's omission of Western Australia's Mount Augustus as number one in the big rock stakes has rankled at least one reader, Pedantic of Perth (you know who you are!).

If you check the wording, you'll note that I very artfully avoided claiming number one status for Uluru. During my Easter 2000 visit, the tour guides at the rock conceded that Augustus is bigger. But as Augustus is also an Australian rock, Australians collectively can still claim "ours is bigger than anybody else's".

Not that I want to to win in the pedantic stakes or anything.

I made a special stop at the Mount Augustus turnoff this afternoon and snapped the image below, purely to go with this mini-postcard. I'm afraid you'll have to make do with the signboard, though. I didn't feel inclined this afternoon to do a thousand kilometre round trip on gravel roads in a hire car, postcard or no postcard!

You may also note the cloud formations influenced by Tropical Cyclone Inigo, currently approaching the Pilbara coast.

Mount Augustus 463km


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