11 October 2002

Today's postcard from Highway 1 comes to you from Ningaloo, the longest western continental reef on the planet at some 260km.

And believe it or not, one of the attached images is actually of the highway, or at least, in that general direction. As a West Aussie, it's weird to look to the east and see nothing but water, but North West Cape is one of the few places where that's possible. The nearest landfall is around 50km to the East (or a couple of hundred metres to the west) and keep going another 100km for the highway.

In an hour on the glass bottomed boat today, I took 324 photos, thanks to the joys of digital photography.

Of those, I offer the few pics with any glimpse of colour. Apparently colour is limited to live polyps, only just returning as the water warms with the onset of summer. The reef itself is recovering from extensive damage at the hands of Cyclone Vance a couple of years ago.

It was also inundated with sand, washed off the beach when 260MM of rain recently fell in a ten hour period. This, when compared with Exmouth's average annual rainfall of 120MM, is obviously quite a bath.

That's it for Exmouth, people... tomorrow, Karijini!

Ciao! Rob.


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