Postcard from Highway One
#20: 'King Waves Kill Sign'

8 April 2003


A sign was swept from exposed coastal rocks and killed at approximately 2:13pm on Sunday. It had been standing near the treacherous Blowholes, a popular scenic tourist spot about 60km north of Carnarvon.

Rob Morgan, from the Perth suburb of Maylands witnessed the whole terrible scene: "The dreadful irony was that it was actually standing there warning people of the potential danger when it succumbed to freak killer waves. With its last gasp it reinforced its own message."

Another witness, preferring to remain anonomous and still shaken by a very close escape, said, "I had been standing very close to the edge of the rocks but heeded the sign's warning and moved back. That sign was a hero. It deserves to be awarded a medal for bravery, posthumously of course."

Search and rescue teams are still scouring waters at the scene, but don't hold out much hope. Indicating the treacherous rocky coastline being batterred by the surges of the Indian Ocean, a search and rescue spokesman said, "Nothing could survive in there."

The Warning sign is survived by its spouse, "No Littering" and two stickers, "Greenpeace" and "TripleJ Drum".

In case you were wondering, no, I haven't been smoking banana strings, and yes, there'll be more on THAT in a future postcard! This interesting fiction was actually inspired by an entry on a tourist map, captured in the image below:
'King Waves Kill Sign'

The "dead" sign:
Sign: King Waves Kill

Cheers, Rob.


© Rob Morgan 2003