Postcard from Highway One
#21: Mine's Bigger

25 April 2003

In a recent postcard, I made the sweeping accusation that Australia, as a nation, was “infatuated with size”. However, last night’s chat with an online friend in Canada has me wondering whether it’s just me?

I initially said hello because his “nick” had been changed from his usual “Seanny” to “Seanny’s pulled a neck muscle”. I thought I’d let him know that there was someone in a worse state than himself to help him feel better about his neck. So, after preliminary pleasantries, I launched into my spiel of one-upmanship.

“In answer to your question, things are good apart from

While that may sound like a real tale of woe, I’m not completely sure that it was entirely for Seanny’s benefit.

I have a sneaking suspicion that it was all about mine being bigger than his… geez, he’d only pulled a neck muscle, while I had this whole SHOPPING LIST of injuries all sustained in one twenty-four hour period.

Yup… it’s confirmed… I’m a size-ist!

Cheers, Rob ;Ð


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