Postcard from Highway One
#26: The Great Ocean Road

6 July 2003

After an extended hiatus, I've finally pulled my finger out and written another postcard!

And it's a first too. For the first time, today's postcard is not Western Australian based. Unless of course, you count my stepping over the border into the Northern Territory during my Kununurra trip last year!

Today's is a postcard from my recent trip to Victoria, and comes to you from the Great Ocean Road as it hugs the south coast on its journey to South Australia.

The road was carved out of the coastal landscape during the depression as a government scheme to get people back to work. And what work it must have been, carving that beautiful and dramatic road by hand, rock by rock.

The road is an experience, a constantly unfolding visual drama. An ever changing vista assualts your visual sense, as the road winds around the coastal headlands. With each bend a new panorama awaits.

In eight hours driving, I took 180 photos, limited only by a dead camera battery.

After a while, the road detours inland, taking an easier route towards the Twelve Apostles and Warnambool. They deserve a postcard of their own, so no more here.

The turnoff to Cape Otway caught our attention, so, in no particular hurry, we diverted back towards the coast and happened upon one of the day's highlights.

A couple of cars parked by the side of the road and about a dozen people looking up into the trees caught our attention. I followed their gaze and was surprised not because of some unexpected sight, but because being Western Australian, I've never before seen a koala in the wild.

And this is where my new camera came into its own... the attached koala pic was taken from ground level, roughly eight to nine metres below where the the koala's butt was parked. I refer to its butt, because it seems that apart from the shot you see here, almost every other shot that I snapped featured that part of its anatomy! Luck of the draw, perhaps? Or maybe he/she was showing his/her disdain for being photographed. "Oh the papparazzi, I get so bored..."

Thanks to David, for having me to stay down in Ocean Grove and for doing all the driving while I luxuriated in snapping away happily with the new toy. *HUGZ* David.

Cheers, Rob ;

The road cuts into the coastal hills
A beach below the road
A sheer drop
Inland for a while
A shed


© Rob Morgan 2003