Postcard from Highway One
#27: The Mangophile

9 July 2003

If you've read my earlier postcards, you'll be aware of a fellow reader with a penchant for mangoes. A little bird tells me that, *SHOCK, HORROR!*, this mangophile's stock of mango jam procured by me in Carnarvon in April is rapidly dwindling with each, ever leaner scrape on the brekky toast.

This then, is a call to any travellers out there planning a stop in Carnarvon... I'm reliably informed that the Kununurra version doesn't stack up! Please have pity on this addict... she needs her Mango Jam fix, but she can control the habit with just a daily scrape! Plus she's a good friend and I'd like to be able to do something nice for her!

The source is Westoby's Plantation, as per the Bananas are aPeeling postcard.

Cheers, Rob ;


© Rob Morgan 2003