Postcard from Highway One

15 August 2003


I was feeling a bit down tonight. Having looked back over some of your responses to my postcards however, I'm still down, but only because my head has gotten so big it's weighing me down! Anyway, I thought you may like to see what's been said:

“Beautiful Rob, don't we have magnificent landscapes in Australia! I feel like I want to paint them. Love the Koala.”

“Thanks Rob - they are great photos, even the one of the Koala's butt!”

“I have discovered another reason why we are friends, we are both fruitloops”

“Beautiful Rob and very interesting. I think you could have a job as a tour guide on the telly or something. Like Getaway!!.”

“Like your style!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

“and here I was imagining you in Geraldton with only the clothes you had on to wear!”

“I really think you should write a book!! Your adventures are so entertaining!!”

“Very Funny, I did wonder though what you were ON early in the morning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

“I am suffering from withdrawal symptoms, no postcards from Highway One today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

“you really should be in the travel industry, perhaps writing quirky travelogues.”

“we are bloody lucky to have such a beautiful country”

“what!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no photos today, so now I am suffering from mangoes and photos withdrawal symptoms. Oh you have taken cruelty to a new high/low.”

“The Argyle pictures are great”

“How can you send beautiful pictures like this and talk about mango jam at the same time. And here I thought you were such a SNAG”

“you should be a comedian… Thanks for the pics and the comments it makes the day”

“Where do I get a job like this??????”

“I rejoice hearing about the North-West as I haven't been past Monkey Mia”

“Well Rob you certainly know how to excite the endorphins, what about some hunky blokes instead of scenery. Pick up your act old chum.”

“What a joy to get your piccies and text of your trip!”

“Many thanks for the pictures Rob........takes me back 10 years when I went up with a wonderful bear called George from Geraldton”

And this from my boss, who sent me forth into the countryside: “I feel terrible to have sent you on this mission, please don't hate me too much - there could be a book in this, even a movie - I 'm thinking somewhat like a cross between Bridget Jones Diary and Priscilla, what do you think?”

I guess my response should be, "Watch this space!"

Thanks guys, you've made my night ;Ð


© Rob Morgan 2003