Postcard from Highway One
#30: Free Money!

20 August 2003

How'd you like to make a quick hundred bucks?

A competition I've entered would, if I won, send me on an all expenses paid trip to the Northern Territory. To win, I have to demonstrate that I'm the best potential travel reporter for the job. I've written the following in response to their question, "I would be the best travel reporter to this destination because..."

"…because I love to take people with me when I travel alone.

Through my Postcards series, I’ve brought friends, family and colleagues along for the ride as my job has taken me all over Western Australia.

My curiosity and wit have complimented each other well. One of my regular readers even berated me for inflicting ‘postcard withdrawal symptoms’ during a city based dry spell!

But my best qualification is that I’m a little bit crazy. Don’t take my word for it, though. In the words of a reader, a true mangophile, “I have discovered another reason why we are friends, we are both fruitloops”. Well, she loves mangoes and I’m a fruit, so if the cereal bowl fits???"

I think puts me in a great position to win this competition.

Now here's the interesting bit. Everyone who's signed up for a subscription to their email newsletter as a result of an invitation by the competition winner gets a $100 travel voucher from For nothing. So if I win, so do you! They'll send you an email about it once I post the entry to their website, so register and good luck!


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