Postcard from Highway One
#32: Geddidindaya

6 September 2003

I've been meaning to write this postcard since my trip to Melbourne last June for Southern Hibearnation 2003: Geddidindaya, a gathering of bears from all over Australia and overseas.

For those of you unaware of the bear movement, a bear could be loosely defined as a gay man who doesn't fit the stereotype. But since I don't like defining people, I've included some photos from some of the bear events that descended upon an unsuspecting City of Melbourne:

This year was my second Hibearnation and it seems to have slipped into my calendar as a permanent fixture. I'll definitely be back next year.

Cheers, Rob ;

Unnoticed facade
Art deco detailing in the MLC building
MLC exterior
Bear snapping bears snapping bears
Kay Sera leads the bears @ the zoo
Dave as a butterfly perch
Steve befriends the fauna


© Rob Morgan 2003