Postcard from Highway One
#33: Parking Apostles

24 October 2003

The City of Yarra doesn't like me.

They've written to advise that according to their records, parking infringement number #$%*^$%# has not been paid and unless I action it forthwith, legal proceedings will ensue.

I'm very indignant at this idea since I HAVE indeed paid the infringement, back in July, only a week or so after the offense. Having parked outside the Laird Hotel in Abbotsford (inner city Melbourne) where the Mr Australasia Bear Contest was underway (See Postcard #32: Geddidindaya), I only discovered it WAS a residential permit zone when I found the parking ticket after the event.

So last night, I dug out the original ticket, my July credit card statement, the receipt number from their website and together with this new notice, composed a suitably bitchy response. After a preamble setting out the details of the various notices, payments and receipt numbers, I closed: "Although your records indicate that it has not been paid, mine do. I would therefore ask that you get your records in order."

While I very much enjoyed this closing bitchiness, shortly after sending the email I identified a potential problem: The registration number on the new notice was not the same as the one I had already paid. Seems that I committed two parking infringements!

I was there Monday night too for the art competition but in a different hire car, and it was this Holden Commodore that is the subject of their claim for payment. Had I actually seen a ticket on the car on the Monday night though, I would not have parked there on Saturday. Even I'm not that stupid!

So I plan to wait for their response. I'm not going to tell them there were two infringements. Let them work it out.

Unless some curious City of Yarra official has surfed his or her way here via the URL in my email signature; In that case, I guess I've been sprung, since my own words incriminate me!

Meanwhile, I am serene.

Why? Because I have lots of beautiful images for you of The Twelve Apostles, on The Great Ocean Road. I promised them in that postcard because there were just too many to include there. Since the parking issue took me back to that June trip and all that rugged coastline, here seemed as good a place as any!

On our visit to the Apostles, we initially missed them completely... it seems they've moved! Well, not the apostles themselves, but the carpark, which has been relocated away from the cliff face to the inland side of the road and is now connected via a pedestrian underpass. David went sailing straight past, still looking for the old carpark, now fully revegetated.

The Twelve Apostles are a bit of a fib, actually. There are only eleven. A testament to the constantly changing nature of this coastline, one of the apostles collapsed recently.

I think I'll manage!

Cheers, Rob ;

The Apostles are remnant 'stacks' of rock from wave action on the cliffs
The Apostles are remnant 'stacks' of rock from wave action on the cliffs
A hint of sun cleaves the Apostles
Wave action continues on the cliff face
Tourists and Apostles


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