Postcard from Highway One

25 November 2003

Iím either a sucker, a saintly brother, a complete idiot, or full of shitÖ OR ALL OF THE ABOVE!!!

Some of you may have read my August postcard, Mud Pack Barbie, wherein much mud was had by all over a weekend in the country for my dadís sixtieth birthday. Well, itís on again. But this time, itís DELIBERATE!!! This weekend, visitors to my (ex) tattoo parlour/(ex) gun shop/abode will subject their facial tissue to the application of various treatments, the end result of which will be a mud pack/face mask type affair.

Why, you may ask? Iím still asking myself the same question!

My sister Heather is a Nutrimetics consultant, though not just any consultant. Last month, she was the top selling consultant in Western Australia. And the sales of her group (the team of consultants sheís recruited) were just nine dollars shy of topping the state, an insignificant figure when measured against their total sales.

If she hits her target this month, she'll more than likely go to Japan next September for the Nutrimetics international convention. My sister, who's never even applied for a passport and has only ever flown once may be going to Japan as a testament to the sales successes she's achieved through sheer hard work.

Not that she's a stranger to hard work. She's an absolute inspiration. I don't think there are too many people who could manage a house with four kids, run the administrative side of her husband's business, all the while studying full time and getting top marks while she's at it. At TAFE, she scored 100% on a huge swathe of her assignment work. One of her lecturers even awarded her 108%!!! He had no choice since she did so well that she broke his marking system!

So, if it helps, I'm quite happy to throw a little mud in the direction of my friends in the name of Heather and Japan. Or should say, I was after a bit of persuasion and arm twisting from James... I'm sure it'll be a hoot!

And to you Heather: Here's mud in your eye!

P.S. If you're thinking of coming along, OF COURSE there won't be photos posted to this website after the event! Wouldn't DREAM of it!!!


© Rob Morgan 2003