Postcard from Highway One
#38: The View from Above

31 January 2004

This postcard is on a completely different level to anything youíve seen from me before; Unlike its predecessors, this is a Postcard from above Highway One. As I write this, Iím on Skywest flight XR116 aboard a Fokker F50, roughly ten kilometres above the Brand Highway meandering south over the coastal plain towards Perth. And it has propellers! WooHoo!

As I look down upon the parched brown landscape, Iím reminded of my April jaunt to Carnarvon, another work trip. Unlike todayís route, that flight hugged the coast. During my month in Geraldton, I drove home to Perth every weekend, so it was fun to see the same landscape from the air.

As you've come to expect from me, I got a little trigger happy with the camera. The bad news is that these pics were taken before I got my new whiz bang digital, so the quality from the Sony Vaio's inbuilt lens is not great. I'm sure we'll manage though.

So here goes. I present to you a series of aerial photographs of the Western Australian coast north of Perth including most of the major towns, just in case you doubted that we were sparsely populated. Just FYI, apart from the capital Perth with a population of 1.3 million, there is no centre of more than about 30,000 people. I could take Highway One 3,500km to Kununurra in north eastern corner of the state near the Northern Territory border, and the biggest town I'd have passed through would be Geraldton, at around 20,000.


Jurien Bay
Coastal Dunes
Useless Loop
Patterns formed in the sand below the water
As far as the eye can see...


© Rob Morgan 2004