Postcard from Highway One #44: Spontaneity

29 March 2005

So I finished work for the Easter Break last Thursday with no plans to go anywhere other than to participate in a small family celebration on Sunday. So why did I spend last night almost 2,000 kilometres north of Perth? Well, that's one for my next postcard - it's a story in itself!

But for now, I thought I'd just leave you with some images snapped during my two days in the north of the state. These actually fill some gaps in the imagery that accompanied one of my earliest postcards from October 2002, #4: Cyclone Alley. Also, my Fuji has far superior image quality to the Sony Vaio shots I was uploading back then.

By the way, for the meteorologists among you, Port Hedland today hit 41oC and it was so humid, the air felt liquid!

Cheers ;)

An iron ore train snapped just before 7am this morning just to the west of Roebourne.
A landscape shot taken just east of Whim Creek
Any sign of this morning's tsunami?  The Indian Ocean from the Koombana Lookout in Port Hedland.
These mountains of iron ore from Mt Newman are, along with solar salt, the economic lifeblood of Port Hedland.
Pretty Pool, Port Hedland's favourite watering hole.
Palm Trees at Pretty Pool.


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