Postcard from Highway One #52:  Mardi Gras '06

7 March 2006

Having just returned from Bear Essentials 10 and the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras, I don't really think I need to offer much more than a little background here; The images below really do speak for themselves.

I arrived in Sydney Tuesday night in time to head to the Oxford Hotel to pick up my BEX registration pack at the Meet and Greet. I caught up with a few people and just missed a few others, but that's really what bear events are all about.

I was dismayed to find that I'd mistakenly not booked the chocolate tour, the main reason I'd arrived in Sydney so early. But thanks to Wade, I got to go along anyway, so it was all good. Thanks Wade!

We toured several chocolateries and a liqueur retailer but it was Haigh's that will be the real danger for me; Their chocolate is amazing! I'll definitely be visiting when I go to Adelaide in May!

After the chocolate fix, I trained it up to Katoomba to see Steven and shared a lovely evening with him and his housemates, polishing off most of the choccy samples in the process! I got a bit snap happy in his backyard; His house backs onto a nature reserve so virgin bushland is his outlook. Breathtaking!

Back in Sydney, I met Steve for lunch, and Wade and Richard came along too. I spent a LOT of time with Richard over the next few very pleasurable days. He's a lovely guy. Unfortunately, his dad was having surgery on Saturday, so he couldn't make the march.

Finally, we come to the march itself. I've marched before and while I remember it being an absolute buzz, the whole of Saturday night just blew me away; Lots of excitement, lots of amazing sights as I wandered amongst the floats pre-march, and I got a photo with Bob Downe not to mention with Ed & Steve!

So that's it... I said I'd be brief! Now I just have to settle back into the real world!

Cheers, Rob :P

The Chocolate Tour took us to a liqueur shop with a difference
Joe checks out his goodies
Wade at Lindt
Determined bears and cubs march off in search of the promised chocolate
Steven's backyard in Katoomba, presented here especially for Todd
Richard and a building, on the way to the Star Bar
The bears gather for dinner
I wonder what he was laughing at?
Bushie buskers on Circular Quay
Richard, in a moment of contemplation
A showdown between a bunch of bears and some sandwiches
I met Matt, a Live Journal friend, for the first time before the parade
Bears gathering before the parade
Seumas doing what Seumas does...  capturing the moment
The moment that Seumas was capturing when I captured Seumas
Practice waving of the bear flag...
Ed, Steve, and two beautiful gays
Play between the flags
My fleeting brush with celebrity
Desperate Fishwives
I believe in fairies
The scene on Elizabeth Street
Brokeback Mormon
A joy of balloons
When she complained to her previous photographer that she looked better with flash, I was happy to oblige!
Hi George!
Taylor Square, shortly after the last float passed through...  a sea of people and refuse
Meanwhile, back at the Oxford...


© Rob Morgan 2006