Postcard from Highway One #54:  Sydney in June

4 July 2006

Sydney was an interesting pre-HiBearnation interlude this year; A couple of pleasant days catching up with people, resolving issues and seeing the sights before Melbourne's winter madness fully took hold.

While diverted by the pleasure of a Sunday afternoon zoological stroll at Taronga, comparison of that famous establishment with the more familiar Perth Zoo enclosures and animal management didn't offer a particularly favourable rendering. Apologies if this sounds somewhat parochial!

Marky and I stayed at The Vibe which we enjoyed in spite of the service and facilities. On our second night there, Mark was assaulted by his room. An air conditioning vent crashed down upon his forehead upon opening the door, almost taking out an eye! The real rub was the reason it collapsed: it had only been secured by gaffer tape! And the hotel's response to his injury was less than ideal.

It was a pleasure to meet Tim, though I think the pleasure was really all Mark's.


Quilton Loves Your Bum
Brekky with Mark and Tim at World Square
A jet boat ride at Circular Quay
A Meercat surveys his Taronga territory
Not actually a GoGos song: Meet resident Taronga performer Mav
Ursus Domesticatus
My swanky room at the Vibe, Sydney
Flying over the Australian Alps between Sydney and Melbourne...


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