18 October 2002

Today's postcard comes to you from Kununurra, in the extreme North East corner of Western Australia, and renowned for its wondrous Mango Jam. Just to confuse, these pics and video are from my August trip to the Kimberley.

In other words, I'm outa current material! It's a REAL PROBLEM when work prevents you from achieving your tourist potential!

Kununurra sits comfortably in the beautiful Ord valley. Comfortably, since its residents are so full from all those slices of fresh bread spread with home made Mango Jam! Just fifty kilometres to the east, the Victoria Highway crosses into the Northern Territory. The git on the video will tell you more if you like.

The quarantine checkpoint ostensibly ensures that insect and plant pests aren't introduced into WA by road from interstate. Exclusively here, however, this rampaging reporter can reveal to you that its true purpose is to halt an eastbound exodus of the magical Mango Jam!

It's interesting to note that despite a 2,400 kilometre land border, the Victoria Highway is one of only two sealed roads leaving the state. Approximately 2,000 kilometres south, the Eyre Highway crosses into South Australia just east of Eucla, with a quarantine checkpoint at Norseman.

Since I haven't yet worked out how to email Mango Jam, you'll have to make do with a taste of my next postcard, a scenic flight over Kununurra, the Ord River dam, Lake Argyle, and the Purnululu National Park or Bungle Bungles. I did try to send the jam, but all I got was an extremely sticky screen!

I was a little nervous about getting into such a little plane, especially one operated by a company called Slingair, which seems to suggest the type of support your limbs will need after disembarking. Did the worst happen? Stay tuned... same bat time, same bat channel...

Cheers! Rob.

This postcard is brought to you by the letters N & T and by the number 1, and of course by fresh crusty bread spread with luscious Mango Jam!)


© Rob Morgan 2003