Postcard from Highway One #61: Thames Walk

31 October 2007

I had a meeting with the employment agency I'm working with in my job search, Anders Elite, yesterday. Their offices are in the city, next to Fenchurch Street Station and a few minutes walk from The Tower of London. Afterwards, I took advantage of the beautiful sunny October weather and walked along the Thames, snapping happily away at major landmarks and at whatever else caught my eye, including some interesting architecture.

At Westminster, in trying to avoid the standard "Big Ben" shots, I caught some interesting silhouettes. I was stunned by the numbers of milling tourists mid-afternoon on a weekday. The crowds over here are gonna take some getting used to! Finally, there's a shot of the house in Acton. We're in the first floor flat.

Oh, and I'm off to Brussels tomorrow on the Eurostar to catch up with Mark!

*HUGZ* Rob

Tower Bridge
Tower Bridge
Tower Bridge
From the Thames Walk
From the Thames Walk
The London Eye
Thames bridges from Westminster
Crowds at Westminster
Westminster Turrets
Westminster Silhouette
The House in Acton


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