Postcard from Highway One #65: A London Christmas

22 January 2008

This mini-postcard is brought to you as a receptacle of the many and varied interesting photos I've taken in and around London over the Christmas break, and since.

Although we were planning on all sorts of exciting expeditions during my time off work, we really didn't do that much. We did, however, do some spectating of the insanity of the Oxford Street sales from the relative comfort of a London bus. I really like the shot of the crazy crowds, complete with subtitled pedestrians courtesy of the shop "Walk".

The Saturday after Christmas, Chris joined us in a bit of a nose around the Portobello Road market in Notting Hill. I'm not really one for markets, or shopping generally, but this one caught my interest - and my pounds!

On New Year's Eve and in spite of a light rain, we headed to Trafalgar Square to ring in the New Year. When I've seen live TV coverage of this type of event, it's always clear when the clock ticks down... Maybe it was because I was busy with the camera, but I found myself in the dark about the exact timing of midnight! Later that evening, we handed over my christmas present, two tickets to Agatha Christie's Mousetrap, world's longest running stage show, playing continuously at St Martin's Theatre for 59 years.

Sunday saw us head to the London Design Museum, a bit of a disappointment: overpriced and not much to it. Later we headed to Gatwick where I showed Anthony the departures areas I'm currently working on (at work) and then we caught up with Gareth and Ady before seeing them off on their flight home to Oz.



Where is that bus?
Zooming past the terraces
Bus kinetics
Subtitled pedestrians...  Walk!
Oxford Street post-Christmas crush
Ya kinda hafta wonder about those Royals...  *GRIN*
The Chaos that is the Portobello Road street market on a Saturday
The house with the blue wall?
Portobello Road street market on a Saturday
Portobello Road Windows...
Anthony and Kevin at the King's Arms on New Year's Eve
Trafalgar Square on New Year's Eve
World's longest running play, Agatha Christie's Mousetrap, now in its 59th year.  And my Christmas present.
Barclays at night
The newly refurbished St Pancras, just around the corner from home, home to the Eurostar and launching point of our Paris and upcoming Brussels explorations
What to buy?
A chair at the Design Museum
Anthony @ Tower Bridge
London's lost its marbles?
Semi-sleeping beauty
Anthony, at Gatwick Airport seeing of Gareth & Ady
Cheeky man hiding behind a cup the size of a small country!


© Rob Morgan 2008