Postcard from Highway One #68: Malta: Mdina

27 January 2008 (posted 12 March 2008)

If the beautiful island of Malta is home to more motor vehicles per capita than any other city except Singapore, contrast this automotive dominance with the fortress city of Mdina, an oasis of calm and silence.

Walking its three-thousand year old streets is inspiring, unexpected and a bit of a laugh, all at the same time:

After Mdina, our last pitstop on this whirlwind weekend was to the temples of Hagar Qim, billed in the tour guides as the oldest man made structures on Earth, predating the pyramids by 500 years. It was a fitting end, which really summed up this island and it's comfortable co-existence with its history. Check out the photo of the dogs playing around the base of the stones!


Look, up in the sky, it's...  BLUE!
Two by two?
The quality of the light is amazing
Still, quiet streets
Haven't I seen this one somewhere before?
At Fontinella
Cafe Fontinella
From Cafe Fontinella, with an island backdrop
Chocolate...  mmm...
Sounds of silence
After Sunday mass
Green Door
Ancient obelisk
The oldest man made structure on the planet
Table & Chairs
Post and beam
Two dogs...  um...  in the rocks :P


© Rob Morgan 2008