Postcard from Highway One #93: Southern HiBearnation 2010

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Day 1 | 17 June 2010

In Melbourne for my sixth
Southern Hibearnation, my visit started with a deluge. It was all too much for the historic City Circle tram, which dropped it's bat and ball and went home. Apparently the amount of water meant that there was a risk of electrocution for both operator and passengers, so we were dropped at Waterfront City Docklands, an entire tramload of passengers trying to huddle under a tiny tram stop roof in the driving rain.

After a hot shower and once the weather cleared, I ventured out and as usual was captivated by the surprises this familiar cityscape still delivers.

Later, I met Ben and we went for dinner at a Vietnamese place in Victoria Street. An obscene serve of noodles in broth with chicken and fresh veg, for eight bucks.

Their spring rolls - the deep fried type - are amazing, too. They serve them with lettuce and mint leaves in which you're supposed to envelop the spring roll. Surprising, but nice.

After dinner, I walked from Ben's place across to the Laird for "Loaded Bear", really just a pub night by another name. One of the reasons I like to come to Hibearnation is that everywhere I turn, I bump into old friends. So it's been a night of, "Haven't seen you in ages".



Old reflecting new...
Pure structure yet strangely beautiful.
Deco beauty
Texture and signaure repetition
Borrow a bike...
Attack of the blob?
Crumbling old Chinatown
Milk bar on Hotham Street
Watering hole
Kinetic train, stationary texter

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Day 2 | 18 June 2010

Today has been about shopping, wandering the streets, coffee with a mate (Phil) and tonight, Bar 362 in St Kilda for the revue.

What used to be the opening night party has departed from its old cabaret format, but it's still the same show. After an intro from Rob Camm, Adam Richard did a comedy set, lampooning Perth and suggesting we need to spend some mining dollars on hotel room decor, stuck in the eighties with the rest of the city! Raffle ticket selling took on a new twist, with five bucks getting you your inside leg measurement worth of tickets, and an interactive couples competition - how well do couples know each other. Then we met the contestants with karaoke to Abba's Mamma Mia - except a couple of them didn't know the words - FAIL! *GRIN*

Door Bell?
Deco beauty?
Deco detail
Adam Richard
Selling Raffle Tickets - Five bucks gets you your inside leg measurement worth of tickets
Selling Raffle Tickets - Five bucks gets you your inside leg measurement worth of tickets
Peter at Bar 362
Couples Quiz
Couples Quiz
Couples Quiz
Bar 362

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Day 3 | 19 June 2010

Events today began at Sun Pictures, a beautiful old Art Deco cinema in Yarraville, with the premiere of Bear City. Almost a world premiere, this Sex in the City style bear film has had only had one prior public screening at New York's LGBT film festival. A great flick with some real heart and some very funny lines... including some that may make it into everyday vocab.

Afterwards, I went along with Pete and Rob to AbbaWorld, an interactive exhibition of Abba memorabilia. Lots of great stuff including lots of opportunities to celebrate and participate in Abba's music and relive those Abba years. Finally, the Mr Australasia Bear Contest. I was there, but I have no idea what actually happened with the competition... too busy catching up with people and such to pay any attention!

Bear City premiere at Sun Pictures, Yarraville
Bear City premiere at Sun Pictures, Yarraville
Bear City premiere at Sun Pictures, Yarraville
Fed Square exterior detail
Rob & Pete @ Fed Square
Pete with his Japanese Slipper - the waiter pronounced it Japanese Sleeper...  I was wondering if he'd slipped in something extra!
Something's caught Pete's attention!
Robbie Anderssen?

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Day 4 | 20 June 2010

I write this as I wait for my flight at the airport, pleased to be heading home. Today has been one of those days when pulling the bed covers up over your head and going back to sleep would have been a better option

The day started well enough. I met Shane and Ben at the Queen Victoria Markets for a late breakfast after we checked out of our respective hotels. We found a little café on the other side of Peel Street which, despite its concerning lack of customers, turned out to be an excellent choice.

From then on though, every decision I made turned out to be a bad one. Not wanting to dwell on the negative, suffice to say that my lateness and poor choices meant that I completely missed this afternoon's BBQ'd Bears at Yarra Bend Park and then tried very hard to miss my flight. That I have time to blog about it before the flight obviously means I made it, but it's been a fun day!

*HUGS* to all.


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