Postcard from Highway One #98: Grosvenor Street Project

25 April 2015

With ANZAC day crowds descending on our usual Saturday haunt at Kings Park, this morning seemed like a good opportunity to check out the street art that found it's way into a back lane in Mt Lawley late last year. The Grosvenor Street Project, part of November's Beaufort Street Festival, adorned previously unloved back fences and walls surrounding a laneway between Grosvenor Street and Chelmsford Road.

Some pieces are strikingly beautiful. Some are not, but all are interesting for their own reasons, while lots of them play with your head. A couple are striking as you stand before them, but take a photo and look at it later to reveal a whole extra level of interest and visual trickery that's not immediately apparent.

I was shocked to see a number of these works have been tagged. I'd almost assumed there was a "code of the street" that murals such as these wouldn't get tagged out of respect for the artist, but I guess that's just wishful thinking on my part!

You know the drill... as usual, scroll down for the photos :)


Stormie Mills
Paul Deej - Lemon Tree Girl
Paul Deej - Lemon Tree Girl
Martin E Wills
Teapot Girl
Amok Island - Fish
Interesting Perspective
Funny little Yoda guy
I thought I saw a puddy tat...
What real estate prices do
Melski's dragonflies
Bridled Fish

James Giddy sponsored by Little Creatures
Stormie Mills
Modesty Blaise?


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