The Australian Marian Academy of the Immaculate Conception (AMAIC) welcomes you to its Bookroom.

To advance the Academy’s objective of breaking the stranglehold of modernism on Catholic life through the dissemination of the correct understanding of the Catholic Church and her Teaching, we offer our Bookroom as a modest oasis where readers can browse and study.

In presenting material we have arranged it under subject pages, and have given Philosophy the first place in our list of pages. The reason for this is directly traceable to Pope Leo XIII (1878 - 1903). This great Pope, who is rightfully described as ‘light from heaven’, wrote more than eighty encyclicals during his twenty five year Pontificate; including a number of beautiful encyclicals on Our Lady and The Holy Rosary. As he neared the end of his long life Pope Leo XIII was asked which encyclical he thought was the most important one he had written. Without hesitation he answered:

The very first one AETERNI PATRIS - On The Restoration of Christian Philosophy - you can put that above all the others, because if Aeterni Patris is not taken seriously I have written all the others in vain.

The AMAIC therefore wants to highlight the importance to Catholic life of a clear thinking mind, and the irrefutable principles upon which truths can be known in the light of human reason. Without this necessary foundation the human mind will not properly understand those truths which can only be known in the light of Catholic Faith: truths about Our Lady, Our Lord and the Catholic Church. We have therefore taken special care to place everything in our Bookroom on the solid basis of the principles of the everlasting Philosophy of Saint Thomas Aquinas.