Two announcements from the Western Australian Health Department.

In June 1988, in Western Australia the Health Department in full-page advertisements in local papers declared: "The statistics are frightening. Smoking will kill almost 700 women in Western Australia this year. If present trends continue, lung cancer will soon overtake breast cancer as the most common malignant cancer in women". What was frightening was not the statistics but the fact that a Health Department should lie about them. In 1987 the same Health Department in its own publications had said: "Suggestions by some commentators that lung cancer deaths in women will overtake breast cancer deaths in the next few years look increasingly unlikely...female lung cancer death rates have fallen for the last 2 years.("Cancer in Western Australia", May 1987)It was predicted, correctly, that breast cancer would far outweigh lung cancer for the next 14 years. ("Cancer Projections", 1987} One message (false) for the public, another (true) for the professional. ( HealthDept1) ( HealthDept2) Installed 20 May 2006.