The letters AMDG stand for Ad Maiorem Dei Gloriam, the literal translation of which is :
"For The Greater Glory Of God".

The term Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam was, and still is, the motto of the members of The Society of Jesus ( originally called The Company of Jesus ), or Jesuits, founded by St. Ignatius Of Loyola (1492-1556) in 1534.

For hundreds of years, this esoteric acronym has been used by many Catholics as either a prefix or suffix to practically any written work and, in it's colloquialism, has stood for "All My Duties to God" (AMDG).


Jesuits International......a resources menu page.
Australian Jesuits......including social justice issues
Jesuits In Australia including Uniya - Jesuit Social Justice Centre in Australia
& the Jesuit Refugee Service (Australia).
Cardoner Currents Of Religion......extensive collection of Christian & Catholic links.

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