Graham Taylor is a 3D computer artist, film maker, web designer and programmer based in Perth, Western Australia.

Software Experience:

3D Modelling & Animation

* Autodesk Maya
* Blender
* Houdini
* Unity
* 3D Coat

Film Production

* Adobe Premiere Pro
* Adobe After Effects
* Adobe Audition
* SideFX Houdini

Graphic Design

* Adobe Photoshop
* Adobe InDesign
* Adobe Illustrator


* C++
* C#
* Javascript

A Brief History

Graham Taylor was born in England and immigrated to Australia as a young child.

Having obtained his Trade Certificate in carpentry, he then worked as a Project Manager for a Perth based building company for the next ten years.

During this time, he spent most of his wages indulging his weekend hobbies of hang-gliding and skydiving. Deciding to turn his love of flying into something useful, Graham commenced part-time study with the Royal Aero Club at Jandakot, attaining his pilot's license in June 1989.

After resigning from his building job in 1993, he travelled extensively around Europe before returning to Perth and setting up his own manufacturing company. The company grew rapidly, and in 2003 the majority of the manufacturing process was outsourced to a Melbourne factory allowing him the opportunity to pursue new ventures.

His lifelong fascination for electronics, which had many years previously led to an (according to some) unnatural obsession with computers, now presented him with a new career path. Inspired by the graphics and imagery of computer games and the technical wizardry of movie special effects, he set about teaching himself 3D animation.

Graham's first project in 2007 assisted the Perth Observatory's successful funding application by creating a fly-through animation of the proposed Lowell telescope enclosure.

In mid-2008, he became involved in a collaborative art film project, 'The Underpass Motel', headed by eminent West Australian artist Stuart Elliott. Taking on the role of head 3D animator, he was also responsible for DVD Mastering as well as design and construction of the website.

In 2009 he worked as co-editor on a short documentary about WA artist David Gregson titled 'A Desire to Relate' for Art on the Move, which accompanied the touring exhibition of Gregson's work around many regional areas of Western Australia.

Early 2010 saw the commencement of 'The Hollow City Chronicles' project in collaboration with Patrizia Tonello and funded by The West Australian Department of Culture and the Arts. The project was completed and launched in February 2011. The project assisted 7 West Australian artists in creating film works based on their art, and provided them with a web-based viewing platform from which to present them.

Later in 2011 he created the website and brochures for a project entitled Of Spears and Pruning Hooks. A joint project with Polytechnic West and the West Australian Police Force involving over 30 artists.

Graham is currently working on film projects with Patrizia Tonello. Please visit their Youtube Channel Abandoned Suitcase.


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