The Underpass Motel

A Small Festival of Manipulative, Empty Promises.

The Underpass Motel is a collaborative video project that began as part of a Fellowship project funded by ArtsWA for Stuart Elliott.
Based on a fictional motel, the objective was to get together a group of stylistically diverse visual artists and generate a kind of visual art mosaic which would ignore linear time-frames and avoid any narrative arc as such. Rather, a sense of fragments of myths or stories which never existed was aimed for, the project being undertaken with the anticipation of the process being largely open ended in a punk-Lynchian way.
It may be helpful to think of it as a series of musings or dysfunctional daydreams of varying length and intensity whose common denominator is the Underpass Motel.
An extended, baroque version, accompanied by relevant forensics will be presented at Turner Galleries, William St, Perth, from the 9th October to 7th November 2009.