Si Hummerston

Sculptor and painter, Si Hummerston, was born in 1975 in Western Australia.
Si attended Applecross Senior High School on a Special Art Scholarship then went on to study at the Claremont School of Art.
Si currently lectures at Swan TAFE. Spreading his love of art, he has run over fifty “Artist in Residence” Workshops all around WA with participants of all ages, cultures, backgrounds and abilities.
Constructing with a broad range of materials from wood, mild steel, aluminium, copper and bronze to many reused items such as car panels and street signs, Si creates both 2D and 3D works. Vivid, bright and humorous elements entice the viewer, hoping to catch a smile or even a giggle. Car culture, skateboards, monsters and dogs appear regularly. Kinetic, interactive and mechanical elements also feature in some of the sculptural works.
Commissioned artworks vary in relation to the subject matter and act to tie the significance of the site to the surrounding environment.