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This is the home site of Robert and Karen Eldridge and the location of a World Wide genealogical study of Eldridge families by Robert G Eldridge. This one-name study has grown from an initial study of Eldridge families with an Australian connection to a world wide study, concentrating initially on English and Australian Eldridge families.

The study is limited to people with an Eldridge surname, including variations, spouses and children with an Eldridge mother or step mother and is a work-in-progress constantly being updated. Please contact the author for further information. All contributions of information gratefully accepted.

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Related Families

* John Geary of Surrey who married Jane May
* Edward Riach Geary (1857-1946) grandson of John Geary
* Warner Hill (1822-1902) of Norfolk who married Susannah Lewis
* Thomas Meehan (1826-1911) of Ireland who married Mary McAllister
* Derkenne families and their descendants.

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