Geological Consulting

Last updated 5 March 2014

Richard Langford is an independent geological consultant with a long standing interest in the connection between the regolith and landform. Regolith-terrain mapping is an essential component in modern exploration, and complements classical geological outcrop mapping and a range of geophysical datasets. Richard has experience in all these aspects of exploration.

Using the spectral and landform images that Richard has created, using some innovative processing techniques, you will be able to improve your understanding of regolith composition and distribution, geochemical pathways, regional geological structure, and mineralisation-related alteration patterns.

Free Imagery

Richard is supplying Landsat TM3 Spectral and SRTM Multi-scale Landform images on free of charge, so reducing the already low cost of acquiring a valuable addition to your exploration tools. The images can be supplied for virtually any area Worldwide, usually within a week.

Tanami Region Landsat-Landform package

One of the flattest, fire-scarred and seasonally flooded areas of the NT and WA also has high gold prospectivity, and is the site for a number of significant mines. There is untapped potential that a good understanding of surface materials and geochemical pathways may unlock.

The new package, combining 12 years of Landsats 4/5, 7 and 8 data with the latest SRTM data, provides a new insight into regional structure and regolith materials.

The new imagery (click to see thumbnails) is available at no cost:

  • Landsat TM3 - RGB, 741, Gozzard ratios and DS754 from 12-year temporal merge, 1988-2013
  • SRTM Landform - 16 images

Capricorn and Bryah Landsat-Landform package

In 2012, a SPECTREM survey was completed over the Bryah Basin, and in 2013, a TEMPEST survey was flown over the Capricorn Orogen. The Landsat-Landform package will help you get ahead in applying these surveys to your targets.

The new imagery (click to see thumbnails) that has been created to complement this survey is available at no cost:

  • Landsat TM3 - RGB, 741, Gozzard ratios and DS754 from 9-year temporal merge, 1987-2011; with 20-km buffer
  • SRTM Landform - 16 images

Other Landsat-Landform packages

New packages will be developed either on demand, or based on high-profile geophysical surveys or regional geological mapping products. These packages can be from anywhere in the World... except Antarctica

If you have an area that you are interested in, or know of any surveys that would benefit from better Landsat and Landform supporting imagery, please contact Richard.