Hilltop outcrops, SW of Coyote Gold Mine, Tanami (15km wide)

Decorrelation stretch 754
2005 Landsat TM

The Landsat spectral image from a single year is characterised by poor discrimination in the rocky hills to the south, and multiple fire scars masking the outcrops to the north.

Multi-scale slope

The steepest slopes are around 2o, while the area to the north, with scattered ridgeline outcrops, has slopes of 1o or less. From ridgeline to the adjacent valley is around 2km.

Decorrelation stretch 754
1994-2005 Landsat TM3

When multiple years of Landsat data are stacked and merged, the outcrops become clearer and subtle changes in the regolith from ridge crest to valley are no longer masked by fire scars.


Landserf slope

Breaks (ticks at the bottom) at 0, 0.3, 0.6, 2, 6 and 20o