Hamersley Ranges, WA - Karajini National Park (east) to Mt Mcrae (west)

Landsat TM3 1989-2005 Decorrelation Stretch Bands754; 100x60km

"While retaining the landform information, the highly saturated colour patterns of a decorrelation stretch image provide contrasting compositional information that is not apparent in the colour composite image of the original three bands. It is the most informative single enhancement of TM data for mapping the regolith-landform units and highlighting the compositional variability of the surficial materials within these units. In addition, information about the geomorphic processes, provenance of materials, levels of stripping of the landscape, and drainage development can be inferred from this enhancement."

GOZZARD, J.R., 2004, Part 2: Predictive regolith-landform mapping in SEG 2004 Workshop 1, How to look at, in and through the regolith for efficient predictive mineral discoveries, workshop notes: Perth, Western Australia, SEG 2004, 163p.

Mt Bruce