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September 2009
YES!! we are still in business
However, we are entirely commercial and our images are available on image libraries such as Alamy, Gekko, Adams Picture Library and Garden Picture Library,
We do sell direct for genuine commercial useage.
Contact us for competitive rates-
Sorry, we no longer have the time to regularly update this website.
Please visit our Blog for the latest updates and samples of the latest images

Mopoke Photography is a speciality photography service dealing exclusively in quality, framed photos of Perth, Western Australia and surrounding country regions such as The Wheatbelt.

Our love of the Aussie bush, plus appreciation for indigenous culture and history, means that many of our scenic photos are taken at quiet, out-of-the-way locations such as the lesser known National Parks, where only dedicated travellers and 4WD enthusiasts will venture.

MAY 2007 ... LATEST NEWS ... MAY 2007
The Avon is flowing !!
In these days of gloabl warming and climate change, it really is exciting to see and note natural cycles still taking place. The upper reaches of the Avon River began their winter flow in early May and it should build from here all the way through the winter months. This remote stretch of the Avon Valley National park is amazing and we just spent a full morning up there going nuts with the cameras in beautiful conditions and amazing light. If I can find time, a gallery specifically dedicated to this area might get loaded.

APRIL 2007 ... LATEST NEWS ... APRIL 2007
Four months into 2007 and here we go with the first update for this year - oh my ! And what a busy start to the year it has been, with a five day expedition back in March to Beeringbooding, Elachbutting and Yanamooning. That's up in the far NE stretches of the Wheatbelt. Naturally, our image collection of the Wheatbelt granite rock outcrops continues to grow and there is much more imagery in stock than what is presented on this website.

NOVEMBER 2006 ... LATEST NEWS ... NOVEMBER 2006 Winter and spring have been busy months as we've embarked on a regime to photograph every wildflower possible in Yanchep and Neerabup National Parks. Naturally, our files of images from this region has expanded at a tremendous rate. It must be said however, that Mopoke Photography is extremely concerned at the impending loss of native bush in the Neerabup / Yanchep / Alkimos region now that a massive new development project is to spread through this entire area over the next 20 years. 

July 2006 ... LATEST NEWS ... July 2006
Mopoke photography is delighted to announce that Cooks Tours have used one of our Kokerbin Rock photos for the front cover of their new 2006 / 2007 South West Booklet. If you travel anywhere in WA then you really can't miss or do without the little COOKS TOURS booklets which are now available throughout the state.

We have also had a photo published in a new WA photo book and our first of several winter 'Expeditions' to the Wheatbelt is now complete.
In fact, we've just added a whole new batch of Wheatbelt photos to our
Granite Rock Gallery

And don't forget that if you're in the Wheatbelt, you can see our framed photographic enlargements of the region at THE COUNTRY NOSTALGIA GALLERY IN MERRIDEN and at the MERRIDEN VISITOR CENTER.


We are presently looking for businesses throughout Perth and country regions which might be interested in displaying and selling our scenic photographs of Perth and Western Australia.
Galleries, framers and such like come to mind straight away, true, but interest is also sought from tourist and craft type shops, as well as cafe's andrestaurants that would rather have Western Australian scenery hanging on their walls as opposed to views of the Blue Mountains and other such east coast vistas

Many of our images can be printed as premium quality photographic prints and make wonderful presents or gifts for that special occassion.

SIZES & PRICES - Non Panorama

12” (30cm) X 16” (40cm) - $70.00 + $7.00GST = $77.00
16” (40cm) X 20” (50cm) - $100.00 + $10.00GST = $110.00
20” (50cm) X 30” (76cm) - $120.00 + $12.00GST = $132.00

Panoramas are quite simply spectacular in the way in which they offer a wider view than the traditional ‘squarish’ photograph.
Naturally, we are always adding Panoramas to our image collection.
Whilst we have no problem with ‘old school’ panorama cameras and film (we still use medium format for some of our work), all of our Panoramas are constructed from just two images, joined using modern methods, software and the expertise of a long established professional digital photo laboratory here in Perth.
One of the criticisms of such modern panoramas is that you can see the join line, but we vehemently oppose this view point

Please also note, that due to the way in which Panoramas throw the perspective rule book out the proverbial window, it is not possible to print Panoramas to exact or precise sizes.
The length measurement however, is the base starting point for a Panorama’s size and we offer two such base starting points – up to 15” in length and from between 15” to 30” in length.
When we say Up To, we generally mean that the Panorama will be printed to that 15” or 30” length, although remember that exact sizes are not always possible and so you should ALWAYS organise framing only when you have the actual print.

SIZES AND PRICES – Panorama only

Up to 15” long - $80.00 + $8.00GST=$88.00
From 15” to 30” long - $120.00 +$12.00GST=$132.00

SORRY :( - Only Australian customers at this time - Please contact Mopoke Photography's Rick McDowell by email if you are genuinely interested in our work

Yanchep & Neerabup National Parks
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Scenic Perth
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Not forgetting Perth's National Parks
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