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There's nothing quite like cruising down a dirt road or track in the Western Australian Wheatbelt, taking in the smells and sights of an area that too many think is a just a boring sea of never ending crop fields. The reality is that the WA Wheatbelt is a meca for many species of flora and fauna that live in a multitude of bush pockets and nature reserves throughout the area.
Many of these Wheatbelt bush areas have a prominent granite rock outcrop or series of outcrops at their core, some of which cover the same physical area as a small town.
The Wheatbelt's granite rock outcrops have become a favoured and speciality subject for Mopoke Photography and we undertake regular 'Expeditions' to the region during all seasons in order to add to our growing collection of Wheatbelt granite rock photos.
Naturally, all ofour photos are available for commercial purposes.
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Dusk on the shores of Lake Brown next to Eaglestone Rock

"Home , home on the range, where the .." er, anyway, abandoned house, Old Goldfields Rd south of Tammin

The start of Wildflower season is a busy time for the locals at Eaglestone Rock

Where salt lake and granite rock outcrop meet ... Eaglestone Rock & Lake Brown

Salt lake en route to Dulyalbin Rock - simply had to give it the 'Evil Forrest' black n' white treatment

Crikey !! I'd sure hate to see how they treat petty criminals out this way ...

Eaglestone Rock rises out of the wheatbelt farmland ... look hard enough and imagine what the view would have been like before the land was cleared.

Late afternoon light and shadows at work amongst the boulders at Sandford Rocks Nature Reserve

Eaglestone Rock rolls down to Lake Brown at Dusk

Amazing and beautiful bark structure on Eucalyptus Caesia Magna at Sandford Rocks Nature Reserve

It's not hard to feel shivery cold looking at this image, as the salt from Lake Brown sure looks like ice as it gathers around the base of Eaglestone Rock

Sandford Rock Nature Reserve's cave system ... a real tragedy that recent (July 2006) grafitti has spoilt this area.


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