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Twin granite boulders stand guard at Kokerbin Rock

Moorine Rocks get the black n' white artistic treatment

Capturing Baladjie Rock at 6.30am on a beautiful Autumn dawn. Yes, 2 images joined and admittedly needs a touch more work ...

Typical view from atop Mt.Stirling near the little church

Sandford Nature Reserve

From Gardner Road, A purple carpet of Pig Face leads the eye out to Mt.Stirling

Elachbutting Rock's famous wave

Gimlet forrest at Sandford Nature Reserve

Another of our favoured 'secret spots' at Kokerbin Rock

Rock Pools are a major feature of the Granite Rocks and are full of life.

Sometimes squatting in the bush really DOES seem to be the more attractive option ... Just remember that the little toilet symbol on the tourist map doesn't always mean running water and a roll of Sorbent

A few of the Baladjie locals ...

Kangaroo Rock south of Merredin

The Road to Mt.Stirling

Another Kokerbin Rock study in the Shire of Bruce Rock


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