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Our collection of trebuchets and other "distance weapons".

Welcome to The Treb Files - a collection of dossiers on the various infernal devices that make up the Grey Company's collection of trebuchets, traction trebuchets and other "hurling" siege engines. Not all of them are still around today - some survive only in the photos on these pages - while others are brand new or are rough prototypes of things to come.

Before attempting proper siege engines we tried the "shoulder-launched" models... hand-slings and staff-slings that gave us a feel for working with slings and beams.
These remarkably simple yet effective 'toys' are still in active use with us.
Old Quasimodo the traction trebuchet was our first large siege engine - and, although retired, it still holds the record for making our longest shots
The next step in the evolution of the Grey Co artillery was to make a counterweight trebuchet. Poor Gog suffered while we learnt just what this involved .. but it also did our most spectacular toilet-paper throw - and it was caught on film.
Applying the lessons learned from Gog, John built Magog - a machine twice as high as its predecessor and yet capable of being pulled apart and carried in a corner of a 6x4ft trailer.
Jake is a turn in a new direction - a "minimal" traction trebuchet built for simplicity and portability... and yet still firmly based on a historic design.
Frankentreb is a trebuchet built from the recycled parts of Gog plus a lot of used timber from scrap yards. True to its name, the machine ran amok shortly before its first performance and actually tore its own arm off.
Models and Prototypes
The real holder of the title of Grey Co's first trebuchet is actually "Cheesechucker", a tabletop trebuchet and one of our stable of model siege engines.
Meet the little Grey Co artillery pieces - four trebuchets, an onager and a springald.
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