A 'stylised' traction trebuchet and crew redrawn from a miniature and published in the 19th century.
Traction Trebuchet

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Wander off to the first page of traction trebuchet pictures Consult the List of Traction Trebuchets...
Stroll among the Traction Trebuchets in groups of 4 or 5 machines - then follow the signs to the next group or "stable" when you're ready. Consult the List of Traction Trebuchets, find the machine you want and go straight to it in its "stable".
To the Human-powered Trebuchets:
Browse the Traction Trebuchet Stable at your own pace in your own way!
The Traction Trebuchet image collection has been broken up into smaller, faster-loading pieces. Now you can choose between looking up the particular trebuchet you want from an index
- or taking a stroll past the ranks of all the machines on show.
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